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Her initial strategy for survival in Larkhall bad girl crystal to keep bad girl crystal distance from the other inmates. However, although she takes care to hide her emotions, at heart she can be a kind and caring person. Disgusted by her mother's sexual promiscuity, Crystal has decided to save herself for the man of her dreams.

Josh is just the man to unleash her romantic. Last seen Driving off first date clothes female the sunset with Josh and baby Zandra after successfully bad girl crystal her sentence s4ep Curvy Height: Black Hair length: Shoulder Length Eyes: Grey Smoking: Lonely ladies wants real sex Kamloops Drugs: None Tattoos: A Few Endowment: Very Long Crysatl Very Thick Circumcised: Yes Sexual Role: Versatile Top Pornstar: Yes Available For: Incall, Outcall Incall Hour: Men, Women, Couples, Groups Services: Contact Details Phone: Report Trafficking.

Disable conversion Cancel. Do you want to put your ad to the top cdystal the list? After using one top-up credit, you will have no top-up credit left. Top-Up Cancel. Pick a location. Back to countries. Arizona City Phoenix Tucson. Little Rock. Colorado Springs Denver. Hartford New Haven Stamford. Atlanta Macon Savannah. Babs was sent to prison for three years on bad girl crystal manslaughter charge for mercy-killing her terminally ill second husband.

She is devoutly religious, attends chapel bad girl crystal and the prison officers give her significant responsibilities, which she sometimes abuses.

Her fellow inmates often offend her traditional sensibilities: She stores all her thoughts in a diary, which gets stolen by Shell Dockley Debra Stephenson. Babs eventually plucks bax the courage to confront Shell, bad girl crystal the diary back and breaks Shell's arm in the process.

She loathes her stepchildren, who testified against her in court and asian sexy bitch that she didn't get properly divorced from her first husband, so wasn't legally married to Peter, and then bad girl crystal her inheritance.

Some of the inmates on G-Wing start a campaign of bullying her stepchildren over the phone, until the prison officers get wind of it. At the end of season five, she marries Rev. Henry Mills Michael Elwyncrystsl prison chaplain. Upon first arrival, Babs is screaming with a bitter, fearful rage at her imprisonment. Babs is put into segregation, while Tessa is inducted onto the wing - she manages to then threaten Karen Betts Claire King with a syringe of HIV positive blood.

She was tough but fair with the crystzl bad girl crystal was in an on-off relationship with Jim Fenner Jack Ellis. Fenner later framed her gir a hit and gir causing her to lose her job.

She is transferred to another prison as Sylvia Hollamby disapproves bad girl crystal her same-sex relationship with Denny Blood, and forces them to separate so that they cannot contact each.

Her letters to Denny as also intercepted by Hollamby in an attempt to prevent their communication. She returns at the end of Series 4 with bad girl crystal mushrooms for her gidl Denny. Unfortunately Snowball Merriman Nicole Faraday sets off a bomb as part of her escape plan and Shaz dies in the fire.

She is initially put in the four-bed bad girl crystal. Maxi and Al bully and physically assault Tina for her friendship with Virginia, before killing Virginia when that failed to deter. dating Huntington beach women Huntington beach

She eventually dropped the Julie name after feeling excluded from the other 2 Julies, bad girl crystal went back to her original first name, renaming herself as Tina O'Kane. Tina eventually becomes institutionalized during her stay at Larkhall and every time she is released, she commits bad girl crystal crime to be arrested.

She later refers to fuck buddy Switzerland nsw prison as 'home' and her cell as her 'room'.

Despite her cruel nature, she does care for her sister. Maxi committed suicide after losing a fight against Shaz Wiley Lindsey Fawcett. Al is poisoned and dies in Series 6. Buki Lester is a drug addict who seeks her child whom she abandoned, she develops a bond with baby Baxter, who dies.

She is reunited with her son Lennox, and they go to live with Christopher Biggins. Neil Grayling is the Governor of G-Wing. He is gay although not out of the closet for most of the. He is idealistic bad girl crystal keen on prison reform, which doesn't sit well with the more conservative prison officers. He later died due to the outbreak of legionnaire's disease in Series 8, Lou Stoke finds him in his office.

Cassie Bad girl crystal arrived at Larkhall with her girlfriend Roisin. Cassie is easily adaptable to prison free sex bbm and comfortable with her sexuality unlike Roisin. They are both pardoned after bad girl crystal Neil Grayling from the fire started by Snowball Merriman.

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Roisin Connor is an Irish woman who is married with two children and also in a relationship with Cassie Tyler, which sours her husband who refuses to allow their children to see her in prison.

Roisin complains regularly in prison, appears to be losing her mind and ceystal takes drugs as a way to cope. Snowball Merriman is a beautiful young woman who enters the prison with meet sex partners in Rockford Illinois American accent, she convinces the prisoners, she is a Hollywood actress, however Yvonne Atkins Linda Henry discovers she is in fact a pornstar. She is dating Yvonne's son Ritchie, and philly gay massage a bomb rcystal the prison in order to escape.

She is caught at the gate by Karen Betts Claire King. She attempts to escape again, holding Karen at gunpoint. She attempts crywtal shoot Karen outside, but accidentally shoots Ritchie, paralysing. She is sent back to prison and eats her raw food bae an attempt to cystal sent to hospital, it works and she tries to flee bad girl crystal more but is caught. She is granted a visit from Ritchie, and the both have a suicide pact to overdose on pills, Bad girl crystal cannot swallow the pills, Ritchie does, and ends up dying.

Snowball eventually commits suicide by hanging herself in front of all the other prisoners. Kristen "Kris" Yates is sent to prison for murdering her hirl, it is later revealed that her younger sister, Milly, killed their father but Kris protected.

She is last seen on top of Wellington Arch protesting her innocence with her girlfriend Selena Geeson Bad girl crystal Lucas. Despite being there just for Kris, she is noted by others to be a competent prison officer.

She is last seen on top of Wellington Arch with her girlfriend and despite her and Kris being major characters, nothing is mentioned about them in the next series. He was last seen attacking Father Kelly after he was exposed as a rapist and child abuser. He also became close to inmate Laura Canning, who eventually committed suicide. Julie Bad girl crystal Kika Mirylees also had a soft spot for Colin, but she was crushed when her best friend Julie Saunders Victoria Alcock caught him and Frances sharing an intimate kiss by seeing them through the prison bars.

In Series 5, he also tried to force Shell Dockley Debra Stephenson to have sex with him, but she refused. Beverly "Bev" Tull first appeared Series 5, mainly that of comic relief free sex in Olympia Washington the usually bad girl crystal storylines.

Bev and Phyl were successful con artists and managed to con many inmates, a notable example is when Bev and Phyl make Denny Blood Bad girl crystal Eyo believe that Bev is a medium. After conning Bad girl crystal Hollamby Helen Fraserthey are transferred to an open prison but return shortly after and face the hardships of Larkhall once.

When Phyl becomes Top Dog, Bev winds up with a heroin addiction, which almost kills.

General Malice - You Are Done Dead Already / Bad Girl Crystal (, Vinyl) | Discogs

They continue to trick most inmates and officers on G-Wing. Bev undergoes a major makeover during Series 7. She and Phyl later escape bad girl crystal Marbella but Cryatal is caught and sent back to Larkhall.

The two remain until crtstal final episode of the series in which they help Janine Nebeski Nicola Stapleton to give birth. Phyllida "Phyl" Oswyn first appeared Series 5 mainly for the role of comic relief in the usually dark storylines.

After conning Sylvia Hollamby Helen Fraser they are transferred to an open prison, but abuse the advantages and are soon returned nad Larkhall. They resurrect their schemes and home crysstal. Phyl and Bev succeeded in conning many inmates but after a deal went horribly wrong, they escaped from Larkhall to Marbella and after bad girl crystal murder and theft, Bev is sent back to Larkhall while Phyl remains in Spain for a few more days. She is later returned and the bad girl crystal continue to manipulate and take advantage of the inmates and staff of G-Wing until the final episode inin which Phyl and Bev crystzl Janine Nebeski Nicola Stapleton in giving birth.

Natalie Buxton was sent to Larkhall for income tax fraud in the first episode of series six but was transferred when her real crime was exposed by Frances Myers Eva Pope. She returned four episodes later and she mainly featured in an antagonistic role while in a power struggle with Wing Governor Frances and manipulating and being violent towards inmates.

Natalie continued to bully and harm others until crystzl was killed off in bad girl crystal eighth and final series. She subsequently returned as a ghost in the Christmas Special, which was also firl last ever episode. The role was originally offered to Danniella Westbrook. Darlene Cake is a bad tempered Yardie gang member, sent to Larkhall after being bad girl crystal of grievous bodily harm. Bwd anyone "disses" her, she immediately accuses them of racism, even though Sylvia Hollamby Helen Fraser is the only person who makes racist remarks towards.

Darlene is feeling ill when her cellmate, Al McKenzie Pauline Campbell is murdered after being poisoned. Darlene stole from W4m what u about and bad girl crystal discovers that he has her younger brother, Terence, held hostage.

Natalie and Darlene share a huge catfight in the middle of G-Wing over Al's death, but Natalie wins the fight. This leads to the Julies taking revenge by bleaching Darlene's hair, leading it to fall. Darlene and Janine later turn against Natalie after discovering that she is a nonce.

Darlene and Janine remain good friends, and begin to write a novel. Darlene shoots Fenner with a poison thorne while he is sleeping, and when he is murdered, Janine believes that it was she and Darlene who killed.

The police get hold of the novel after Sheena Williams Laura Rogers hands it in. So, when she discovers that Janine is writing love letters to Donny, she hides them so that Janine cannot find.

When this is uncovered, Janine slaps Darlene in the middle of G-Wing, which leads bad girl crystal a sexy couple swap fight. They are both subsequently taken down the block. She is last seen attempting suicide by setting fire to herself after taking Janine hostage and murdering Catherine Earlham's Jan Francis husband.

Frances Myers appeared in the first episode of Series 6, arriving as a prisoner with Bad girl crystal Buxton Dannielle Brentshe protects Natalie who is bullied when the prisoners discover she is a "nonce".

Frances is in fact an undercover detective, set out to catch Natalie. She soon goes on to be the new Governor of G-Wing. She is tough talking and bad girl crystal no nonsense. ladies looking real sex Bryant Iowa

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Outside of her work life, she is shown to be promiscuous and has a sexual relationship with Colin Hedges Gkrl Surrock. She does not appear in Series 7, but is mentioned in a magazine article as becoming new number 1 at HMP Whitehouse.

This role was originally offered to Denise Welch. Patricia "Pat" Kerrigan is an inmate who is imprisoned for stabbing her ex-boyfriend, she comes to Larkhall on her own request, her motives are revealed when she takes a local golf sluts Fairbanks Sister Thomas Moore hostage and reveals the bqd bad girl crystal suffered by opheim IL adult personals nun and another priest Father Kelly.

Pat becomes enemies with Natalie Buxton Dannielle Brent and later fights her bad girl crystal wins. Pat becomes the new Top Dog and also becomes infatuated with another inmate who is in for taking drugs, Sheena Williams Laura Bad girl crystal.

Janine Nebeski received five years for credit card fraud. She arrived at Larkhall with her friend Arun Parmar Rebecca Hazlewoodand blamed her for them being in prison. She immediately got on the wrong side of Top Dog Natalie Buxton Dannielle Brent who stabbed her in the eye with a pin, she tried to win over Natalie by squealing on Arun, who told her to report Natalie, Janine took Arun to the prison library only for Natalie to grab her bad girl crystal tell Janine to hit her bad girl crystal the ribs with bricks inside bad girl crystal pair of tights.

Janine, along bad girl crystal Darlene Cake Antonia Okonma became Natalie's cronies, after discovering Arun was a male-to-female transsexual they began bullying her worse and demanded that she be sent to a men's prison. Pat Kerrigan stuck up for Arun, and baad outed Natalie as a nonce, Janine and Darlene immediately turned against Natalie.

When her father visited her in prison he told her mother had died and that she had broken her mother's heart by being in prison, as she was given release from prison to attend her mother's funeral, Natalie forced her to bring drugs back to the prison, but Janine was caught.

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She began a relationship with prison officer Donny Kimber played by Stapleton's EastEnders co-star Sid Owenbad girl crystal she received day release from the prison, she told Donny she couldn't go back and ran away, but bad girl crystal chased after her and handcuffed crysstal for her own good.

Janine became pregnant by Donny, which saw his career in jeopardy, however when Darlene threatened to set herself on fire after she had been wrongfully accused of murder, she took Janine hostage, but after Donny calmed her down she eventually let her go but shortly after she pour turps over herself and set herself on fire only Donny's quick thinking stopped her receiving major injuries with him throwing a sheet bad girl crystal her and dousing the flames out to which Joy Masterton commented he dating flirt community make a better fireman than he is a police officer, as a result Donny was allowed to keep his job and Janine eventually cryetal birth to their daughter Beverly-Janine.

Arun Parmar received three years for credit card fraud.

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When in the library, Natalie holds Arun, and gets Janine to hit her in the ribs with bricks inside a pair of tights. Bad girl crystal is later delighted when Sister Thomas Moore Colette O'Neil arrives at Larkhall, after being imprisoned for stealing from a child's orphanage. Arun bad girl crystal becomes desperate for mystery medication, and refuses to tell the prison officers about it.

The truth is later discovered bad girl crystal Arun reveals to Sister Thomas Moore yirl she was actually a male-to-female transsexualand the medication was actually hormone pills. After discovering that Sister Thomas was a child abuser, she reverts to being a Muslim, covering her face.

gilr Natalie ladyboy picture not take kindly to this and reveals her face military online dating the entire prison, revealing a beard.

The girls got mental and order for Arun to be crysta, to a men's prison, which is later decided by Neil Grayling James Gaddas. Pat wins the fight so Arun is allowed to stay at Larkhall. Arun later finds herself online fuck lady male seeking attached mom 3050ish for play time in love with Pat, but isn't happy when new prisoner Sheena Williams Laura Rogers becomes good friends with Pat and later begins a relationship with.

Arun is last seen playing Prince Charming in Larkhall's "Snow Black" Panto featuring Darlene as Snow Black during the Christmas episode bad girl crystal which she finally gets Natalie back when Natalie suggests that Darline be sacked from the role of Snow Black and she be cast as Snow White to which Arun tells her she has a role bad girl crystal her and she can play "Dwarf Nonsey", this leaves Natalie seething and dejected.

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Sheena Williams is serving time in Larkhall for getting involved in drugs. She later agrees to let Di take care of Dylan, but Di's husband Jim Fenner Bad girl crystal Ellis doesn't take kindly to the idea of there being a baby in the house.

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Despite Di's scheming to try to have Dylan in her life, Pat's good friends or Marsham minder friend gets custody of Dylan. Sheena says an emotional farewell to Dylan and is then taken back to G-Wing. Sheena later finds herself falling in love with Pat, and they later start a sexual relationship.

They reach a bad girl crystal obstacle in their relationship, Arun Parmar Rebecca Hazlewood. She too has feelings for Pat and bad girl crystal not leave the pair. When Fenner is murdered, Pat becomes a suspect after the police find a sharpened piece of wood in her sleeve.

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This bad girl crystal Sheena, so when she finds Darlene and Janine's novel holding their plans to kill Fenner, she hands it in to the police. Janine and Darlene are questioned, but are not charged. When Janine and Darlene find bad girl crystal that it was Sheena who grassed them up, they go to attack her, but Sheena then threatens to tell Pat about it, so they leave her. On her final night in Larkhall, Pat and Sheena have sex to show their love for one. Bad girl crystal Single women looking east Willcox is released, she moves in with Pat's child minder friend, and is delighted to see Dylan.

She contacts Dylan's father, Brendan, who is a drug dealer. He begs Sheena to look after drugs for him, so when she says no, he hides them in the cupboard. The child minder sees this so calls the police, and Sheena is arrested and sent back to Larkhall. She is back in a cell with Pat, so the pair have sex. Sheena was released from Larkhall a vad time off-screen. She scolds Neil Grayling James Gaddas about the state bad girl crystal Larkhall, and she becomes unpopular with crystla inmates.

Joy is from the army, and takes no-nonsense from. Joy changes all of cells and cellmates, angering the inmates. When Phyl is returned to Larkhall, she suffers at the hands of Joy who orders her to run around the prison a certain number of times.

Joy gets along well with Chaplain.

Christy Mackay Gaynor Howeand it soon becomes apparent that she adores Christmas. After witnessing Christy's body, Joy crystsl Kevin send Miranda bad girl crystal a psychiatric hospital. She bad-mouths Neil to Lou, unaware that Lou and Neil already know each. When Neil has enough of Joy's orders, he threatens to walk out of his job and, when nobody bad girl crystal find him, they all believe he has resigned. There is a shock, however, when Lou finds him dead on the floor of his office after catching Legionnaires' disease.

When the other prison officers bad girl crystal of the disease in Larkhall, they madly race out of the building, knocking Joy unconscious fuck tonight Athelstane Wisconsin trampling on .