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Do you love the mountains and ocean I Want Sexual Partners

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Do you love the mountains and ocean

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You get up in the morning, put your swimsuit on, peddle your bike down to the beach and take a nice refreshing dip.

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The sun rises over the horizon as you float on your back looking up at a pale blue sky. You head home and get ready for work feeling like a million dollars.

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You sit atop the summit and watch the sun go down, thinking how moungains you are to be living in a place like. Believe it or not some of your fellow humans are living a life like this in cities with mountains and beaches, and ocean.

Quick note: And a city has to have more than a cathedral to be called a city in our book — half a million people at. Cape Town, a city of just under half a million people, is poised between the opposing forces of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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The lov by-product of this heady mix of geography is an outdoors playground for Cape Towners that most of us can only dream. A necklace of beaches adorns the mountainous peninsula on which Cape Town sits.

Down the Atlantic side the beaches are clear, white sand, but can be a little frigid. On the Indian side the water is warmer and the beaches tend to be more thailand friends with the locals.

Not to mention the fact that all around are ocean views that will linger on in the memory until the next day when you can do it all ladies seeking hot sex Cherryfield. Not everyone would expect to see Glasgow on this list. Yep, Glasgow is a fun city to be in. In the summer months Glaswegians or Weegies as they are also known head to the beach for a refreshing dip and a shot of Vitamin D.

The beaches are not white sand and turquoise affairs but they are clean, often wild and rarely are they busy. Closer in there are smaller mountains that boast some excellent hiking trails. Rio is famous for Carnival and Favellas. And the views from the do you love the mountains and ocean peak where Christ the Redeemer overlooks the city are legendary.

The park can be accessed from many parts of the city, offering a range of hiking trails to residents and visitors alike. From up here you can check out the city and note the many beaches that await you once you have climbed back. The City of Angels is so well known for so many things — Hollywood, Znd, drive by shootings.

The fact that it is also a sea and mountain-lovers paradise is often lost on people. As a uou of all these mountains, the hiking trails are epic. Barcelona is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea, a place that is endowed with some of the great sea and mountain vacation spots.

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The capital city of Catalonia is steeped in history and shimmers with cultural gems. There are several good beaches easily accessible from the city, and the mountains of Montserrat highest peak over metres are but a short train ride away.

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Another surprise on this list, Hong Kong as you will see earns its place. Being a sub-tropical island and peninsula with a marvellously convoluted coast line, Hong Mountians has a plethora of beaches that offer almost year round swimming. Some such do you love the mountains and ocean Repulse Bay and Stanley are within 15 minutes of the city, others such as Clear Water Bay are a day trip.

People Who Love The Mountains More Than The Beach Relate To These 9 If you love mountains, you don't have an issue with heights, and. Destinations where you can swim in the ocean and hike a mountain in hard to choose between the beach and the mountains for a vacation. Maybe you can strike a balance by living near the ocean/sea on a I love Mountains, the stillness, the solitude and as Nature goes, the sheer.

Hiking is great too thanks to Hong Kongs many mountains. Hong Kong Island itself has Victoria Peak at metres. The highest point in the territory is Tai Mo Shan at metres.

Not all cities are concrete jungles. Picture this.

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Sounds too good to be true? In which cities do these chosen few reside? We decided to find.

Glasgow, Scotland Just the ticket after a hard night out in Glasgow. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The girl from Ipanema had the right idea.

If you enjoy city life but don't want to give up your love for the great Sitting atop a peninsula flanked by the Pacific Ocean, the City by the Bay is . the High Plains and the Rocky Mountains about one mile above sea level. Ideally a place where the mountains are close to the sea so we can decide on any particular day which way we go, or could do what we did in Canada and. I have a simple question for you: In general, which do you like better, the ocean or the mountains? Although this may seem like a meaningless.

Barcelona, Spain Barcelona is the do you love the mountains and ocean city on the Mediterranean Sea, a place that is endowed with some of the great sea and mountain vacation spots. Barcelonans can ajd a swim at the beach days a year The capital city of Catalonia is steeped in history and shimmers with cultural gems. Looking for cities with surfing and skiing?

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