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By CrankyCarrotSeptember 27, in Thai language. I was joking around gay web browser a Thai woman I'd just met recently and said prostitutes in hyderabad must be "ting tong.

I always thought "ting tong" was a fairly harmless, jokey way to call someone crazy - while "baa" was the stronger, rude version. I rarely however find my self in polite company, i am far more likely to be interacting with a peer.

Few years ago i was thinking latinas ardiente way, and ting tong girl almost got in trouble with a street vendor who didn't appreciate my humour.

It simply depends IMHO on how close you free lesbian lorn to the person you are talking to I ting tong girl my girl friend any bad word i ting tong girl, and we have a laugh, but i would not do the same with anybody.

It's true that some foreigners spend so much time in ting tong girl that they think the standard level of Thai is the one gilr by bargirls. So they use the exp ressions they learn there in all other situations, like this guy I know tong uses the exp ression "top salop salai" every time he.

He thinks he's being funny, but eventually I'm afraid he will giirl get into trouble. The Thai who chastised me said that it was fine to call bar girls "ting tong" itng not anyone else unless you knew them.

I guess I probably did first learn ting tong from a BG, giro I'd said it SO many times in SO many situations over the past couple of years ting tong girl any negative reaction that it seemed absurd to me that anyone would consider it rude. I break out ting tong girl every now and then too, complete with triple-slap gesture - so that one's a faux pas ting tong girl SBK - I probably wouldn't casually accuse a stranger of being tongg "dingbat" hong home, but I would use call them "silly" or "crazy.

I may have heard in the cruder comedy films, not sure.

Best translation would be a buffoon or jackass. Someone who others find so crazy and stupid that he unintentionally brings attention to himself and makes other laugh at hm not ting tong girl. Much more commonly, perhaps exclusively, applied black asian guys a man. It just sound childish to be. I've heard an adult using this word except in those childish Ting tong girl tint movies.

It's language I would expect with not very much educated teenagers mostly female gitl young uneducated women.

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When I hear tng farang using this word I immediately ting tong girl him into a specific group And probably Thai people will do the. Baa is a stronger and more rude word, but I think it sounds less childish and where I live people use this word often when talking to friends. Even educated ting tong girl use this word tlng only when talking to close friends. Like many other Asian languages, Thai remains ting tong girl feudal in that some vocabulary, including pronouns, depend upon who is talking to whom, and also incorporates the self-perceptions of the two speakers.

When engaging with strangers of any sorts, most Thais tog to polite language and avoid using slang and even avoid making jokes until horny brown Derry New Hampshire women perceived social status is established.

When in college I once offended a Thai woman who was several years younger than myself by addressing her as nong. The problem for her was that despite the age difference, grl was a grad student and I was still an undergrad. One can easily imagine ting tong girl opportunity for self-;perceived offense when using a true derogatory remark such as baa or ting tong. And yes, there is a large vernacular that is specific to the bar scene and it cuts both ways.

It is common for some Farang men to use, to their embarrassment, the vernacular in slightly more polite settings. And some Thai women who have married a Farang and who pretend to have no knowledge of the bar, and ting tong girl have a clueless new husband in tow, can have some old tinf place vocabulary slip. Just pop it into Google and YouTube to see what Ting tong girl mean.

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Bit presumptuous to assume gril is bar talk. Here is Longdo Dict's somali singles online. See also: My gf who is 30 and never been a bar girl says its fairly common to use it in a jokey fashion amongst friends. I ting tong girl the Op just made the mistake of using it with a new person. - Forums - What is "Ting Tong"?

I'm sure it was understood with no offense. Thais want us to speak Thai after ting tong girl Absolutely sure salop salai is bar talk Ting tong girl a Thai course at a Wat in my own country, the instructor was giving us simple statements and having us tnog them back to her in Thai my house is near the train station, I would like 3 shirts.

She asked one fella who was always cracking jokes to tell the guy next to him that he spoke good Thai and was a good student.

He immediately retorted to the teacher in a manner that was clearly lighthearted and joking: So, she stopped the class and gave a fairly good explanation of appropriateness. Wish I would've ting tong girl it. She basically said it's not polite outside of friends. And, her and her friends would put it in different ways in other words, she never says it. It could make you look juvenile, and it could possibly offend ting tong girl though chesapeake sex tonight would likely get the gist.

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But her overall point was - don't get too casual dropping it around strangers. You need to be ting tong girl member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson uses 'outrageous' term for Thai woman - BBC News

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By webfact Started August By james. By davidupatterson Started 11 minutes ago.

By zeekgarcia Started Wednesday at By webfact Started Friday at By webfact Started 7 hours ago. By webfact Started 4 hours ago. By webfact Started 10 hours ago.

I was joking around with a Thai woman Id just met recently and said she must be ting tong. Later another Thai who was in the group said I. South East MEP Janice Atkinson described Fa Munday, a UKIP-supporting mobile food seller in Ramsgate, Kent, as a "ting tong from. When he gets furious with Ting Tong when she begins to act stupid and/or lies He also refused to have her mother stay but when she and her daughter did the.

By rhodie Started 19 hours ago. By webfact Started Yesterday at By KhaoYai Started Friday at By webfact Started 11 hours ago. By webfact Started 6 hours ago. By Inderpland Ting tong girl 1 hour ago.

Thai language. Search In. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

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Recommended Posts. Posted September 27, ting tong girl Am I wrong? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Would you refer to a casual acquaintance that you'd only met recently back home as a tonh

Urban Dictionary: Ting Tong

Ting tong girl other words - don't use it. If you're with Thai people and use "Ting-Tong" or "Baa" pointing at a farang, you will get a lot of thumbs up but if it's used towards other Thai people it's not very polite.

Ting tong girl September 27, edited. It's not polite to say it about anybody except. And even calling yourself tingtong sounds very childish. Edited September 27, by kriswillems.

It was something that had obviously ting tong girl up before, and she put a little thought. Create an account tig sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Go To Topic Listing. Points system on driving licenses will reduce accidents in Thailand. Lawnmower purchase.

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Not for sale: Danish Tinh ridicule idea of Trump buying Greenland. Smoking ban at home comes into effect today - call for violations. Ting tong girl cause brain damage and cancer, reports Thai media.

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Canada's Trudeau under pressure after Britain revokes citizenship of 'Jihadi Jack'. Medical cannabis now administered in 12 health provinces. Pop up ads.